Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Bumble LIVE is coming to Colour Line to sharpen our skills, inspire and reignite passion for our craft we love HAIRCUTTING!
This design workshop will be held on Tuesday, March 9th (11:00a - 4:00p) and facilitated by Samantha a New York Bumble and bumble educator. She has requested our help in seeking out 5 models for her selection process.
Model Requirements
- models must be 18 or older
- models must come in with clean, dry hair
- models must arrive with day makeup (models should bring makeup with them for touch-ups)
- models must be responsible for their own wardrobe: think Saturday dinner date or wear dark skinny or straight jeans, plain white or black tank tops (no collar) and black heels or black flats (no sneakers)
Long Layers Scissors Cut is cut with scissors and features versatile bangs cut into a v-shape so they may be swept to either side or parted in the middle. This cut also includes some layering around the face and throughout the hair that creates movement.
- Ideal: finer textures and straight hair
- The bangs will end up by the tip of the nose
- Client must be flexible to lose some length
- Hair requires being at least 3-4 inches past the shoulders in length
Long Layers Razor Cut is created with a razor to maximize texture. The style includes long bangs based on suitability.
- Ideal: thicker textures
- features long bangs (from nose to chin)
- Client must be willing to lose some length
- this is the shortest cut we offer, so the length can fall to collarbone or longer.
Razor Bob is a cut with a razor to give texture and movement to the hair. This cut is one length, cut around the perimeter of the head with optional layers framing the face. The length can fall from just above shoulders to just below chin. This cut can be very youthful or classic and is versatile enough to suit the individual.
- Ideal: great for fine hair and medium textures with minimal movement
- the length depends on the hairline and will clear the shoulders
- bangs are not required
- the shortest layers must brush the shoulders or just above at the time of the haircut
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED and you can comply with requirments listed above, please e-mail Amy at amy@colourlinehairstudio.com or call the studio at 630-208-8100. Colour Line will need to submit prospective model images (front, side and back images) to Samantha two weeks prior to our March 9th class.
This will prove to be a great experience for models and Colour Line employees alike!


  1. oops! Peggy should have said:

    The only age limit is 18 years or older....

    If you are interested in participating contact amy at amy@colourlinehairstudio.com