Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Creme de Coco MasqueCreme de Coco Masque is a weekly indulgence that bestows intensive moisture, softness and gloss upon all heads of hair. It adjusts to deliver the right amount of conditioning to any type: it won't weigh down fine hair and will soften the coarsest cases. A trio of potent tropical butters - Murumuru, Mango and Shea - makes hair soft and silky (and rinses out crystal clear).

Intensive moisture, softness, silkiness, gloss and a fantastic fragrance

Ideal for dry or dull hair, but good for all types (except super-fine), color compatible.

Once a week (or as often as you like), following Creme de Coco Shampoo.

Once a week, after shampooing, smooth a generous amount into hair and relax for seven minutes or more. For especially thirsty cases, wrap in a warm towel (or sit in the sunshine). Rinse thoroughly.

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