Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Colour Line Announces....

Colour Line is excited to announce two campaigns in 2010:

"Changing our Community One Penny At A Time".... and "Circle of Success".....
Colour Line Hair Studio's has a unique goal in 2010 --

We invite you to share in the fun! Colour Line will be surprising our guests with a lot of fun ways to participate. We already started by launching our Bumble and bumble Recyling Program. Guests will receive a 10% savings opportunity each time they purchase Bumble and bumble in 2010 by recycling a Bumble and bumble bag or bringing in an empty Bumble and bumble product bottle as well as donating 10 pennies to our cause. Its a great way to give back to both our community and environment. Colour Line is also desiring to invite other Geneva Chamber of Commerce business partners to come on our journey. Watch for more details. We are just getting started!

What is "Circle of Success?" Colour Line will be asking Geneva Chamber of Commerce non-profit agencies to be highlighted on our blog, as well as asking for them to share relationship stories on how their agencies are changing our community. How many non-profit agenecies are you familiar with in our area?

In December 2010 Colour Line Hair Studio, as well as other local businesses who desire to participate, will unite and present a check (who knows how much... the possibility is HUGE!) to a local non-profit agency voted on by our community. (Haven't decided how that will happen, but it will and I know the answer will come before we vote.... trusting someone can help me!)

As a small business owner I think about how many people just simply throw pennies in their purses, or run to their car to grab that extra penny or two from their dashboards, floorboards or seats.... how many of us have a dresser full of pennies... they're everywhere! It makes me giggle when you start to think about all the places you find pennies! So why not put our pennies to good use in 2010 by "Changing our Community!"

We invite you to join in our giggles.... have fun on with the "journey on the happy".... share a penny or two.... it just might change your life or the life of someone you know... follow our story.... I think you'll be glad you did!

I'm ready to have fun..... are you?



  1. I find pennies in the shower. My husband falls asleep with his jeans on and wakes up with pennies stuck to his back. They come off in the shower, and that's where I find them.

  2. Now that is truly an interesting place to find pennies.... that made me giggle! :-) Thanks for sharing....