Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Bumble LIVE is coming to Colour Line to sharpen our skills, inspire and reignite passion for our craft we love HAIRCUTTING!
This design workshop will be held on Tuesday, March 9th (11:00a - 4:00p) and facilitated by Samantha a New York Bumble and bumble educator. She has requested our help in seeking out 5 models for her selection process.
Model Requirements
- models must be 18 or older
- models must come in with clean, dry hair
- models must arrive with day makeup (models should bring makeup with them for touch-ups)
- models must be responsible for their own wardrobe: think Saturday dinner date or wear dark skinny or straight jeans, plain white or black tank tops (no collar) and black heels or black flats (no sneakers)
Long Layers Scissors Cut is cut with scissors and features versatile bangs cut into a v-shape so they may be swept to either side or parted in the middle. This cut also includes some layering around the face and throughout the hair that creates movement.
- Ideal: finer textures and straight hair
- The bangs will end up by the tip of the nose
- Client must be flexible to lose some length
- Hair requires being at least 3-4 inches past the shoulders in length
Long Layers Razor Cut is created with a razor to maximize texture. The style includes long bangs based on suitability.
- Ideal: thicker textures
- features long bangs (from nose to chin)
- Client must be willing to lose some length
- this is the shortest cut we offer, so the length can fall to collarbone or longer.
Razor Bob is a cut with a razor to give texture and movement to the hair. This cut is one length, cut around the perimeter of the head with optional layers framing the face. The length can fall from just above shoulders to just below chin. This cut can be very youthful or classic and is versatile enough to suit the individual.
- Ideal: great for fine hair and medium textures with minimal movement
- the length depends on the hairline and will clear the shoulders
- bangs are not required
- the shortest layers must brush the shoulders or just above at the time of the haircut
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED and you can comply with requirments listed above, please e-mail Amy at amy@colourlinehairstudio.com or call the studio at 630-208-8100. Colour Line will need to submit prospective model images (front, side and back images) to Samantha two weeks prior to our March 9th class.
This will prove to be a great experience for models and Colour Line employees alike!

Recyling Program

Bring in a Bumble and bumble bag or empty product bottle

DONATE 10 pennies
(Changing our Community One Penny at a Time)

RECEIVE 10% savings on your next Bb purchase

WE Recycle

YOU earn loyalty reward points!

Circle of Success Story - Geneva Public Library

January 2010

On Sunday, January 24th Sam's Club announced that they were laying off their employees who were in-store demonstrators. Sam's has decided to outsource this duty, so if these former employees wanted to reapply they were given information how to do that online. One of these employees came to the library in the afternoon to use our public Internet computers. She did not have a home computer and was able to open her first email account and complete the application.

This story truly tells how the library is there to help people in their time of need. The library employs people who truly have your best interest at heart. Dedicated to finding answers and helping others! Thank you to all staff members at the Geneva Public Library you play an important role in the communities "Circle of Success!"

To find out more about the resources available at Geneva Public Library click here www.geneva.lib.il.us

Colour Line Announces....

Colour Line is excited to announce two campaigns in 2010:

"Changing our Community One Penny At A Time".... and "Circle of Success".....
Colour Line Hair Studio's has a unique goal in 2010 --

We invite you to share in the fun! Colour Line will be surprising our guests with a lot of fun ways to participate. We already started by launching our Bumble and bumble Recyling Program. Guests will receive a 10% savings opportunity each time they purchase Bumble and bumble in 2010 by recycling a Bumble and bumble bag or bringing in an empty Bumble and bumble product bottle as well as donating 10 pennies to our cause. Its a great way to give back to both our community and environment. Colour Line is also desiring to invite other Geneva Chamber of Commerce business partners to come on our journey. Watch for more details. We are just getting started!

What is "Circle of Success?" Colour Line will be asking Geneva Chamber of Commerce non-profit agencies to be highlighted on our blog, as well as asking for them to share relationship stories on how their agencies are changing our community. How many non-profit agenecies are you familiar with in our area?

In December 2010 Colour Line Hair Studio, as well as other local businesses who desire to participate, will unite and present a check (who knows how much... the possibility is HUGE!) to a local non-profit agency voted on by our community. (Haven't decided how that will happen, but it will and I know the answer will come before we vote.... trusting someone can help me!)

As a small business owner I think about how many people just simply throw pennies in their purses, or run to their car to grab that extra penny or two from their dashboards, floorboards or seats.... how many of us have a dresser full of pennies... they're everywhere! It makes me giggle when you start to think about all the places you find pennies! So why not put our pennies to good use in 2010 by "Changing our Community!"

We invite you to join in our giggles.... have fun on with the "journey on the happy".... share a penny or two.... it just might change your life or the life of someone you know... follow our story.... I think you'll be glad you did!

I'm ready to have fun..... are you?


American Heart Association - Live and Learn

February is the month Colour Line Hair Studio will be accepting donations for the American Heart Association. Come in and fill out a Heart and dedicate it to yourself, a loved one or someone you know that has been touched by cardiovascular disease. Donate and help advance this lifesaving mission, together, we can work to make heart disease a thing of the past. Purchase a Red Heart for $1.00 or a Platinum heart for a donation of $5.00 or more.

Let me begin by asking you…

Have you personally or someone close to you been touched by cardiovascular disease. Think about it… the answer probably is yes! Why…

- It is Our Nation’s #1 killer, Cardiovascular Disease
- Cardiovascular Disease is the #1 Killer of
- Women (age 25 and older) and Men
- Heart Defects are the #1 Cause of Birth Defects
- Stroke is the Country’s Leading Cause of Long Term Disability

The American Heart Association has contributed over $2.5 billion to cardiovascular research over the past several decades. It is this research funding that has led to many of the life-saving procedures performed by hospitals everyday! These breakthroughs include Angioplasty, Bypass Surgery, Pacemakers, Automated External Defibrillators, Heart Valve Replacement, Stroke Drug Therapy, and Medications for Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Control. Eight of the Scientific Researchers that they have funded received Nobel Prizes for their contribution.

In addition, the American Heart Association’s educational programs are saving lives daily and helping people understand the importance of knowing their risk factors, signs, and symptoms of heart disease and stroke.

Thank you from the hearts of many.

With Sincere Appreciation,
Kelly Carta, Executive Chair, American Heart Association

If you would like more information please visit: www.americanheartassociation.com


Creme de Coco MasqueCreme de Coco Masque is a weekly indulgence that bestows intensive moisture, softness and gloss upon all heads of hair. It adjusts to deliver the right amount of conditioning to any type: it won't weigh down fine hair and will soften the coarsest cases. A trio of potent tropical butters - Murumuru, Mango and Shea - makes hair soft and silky (and rinses out crystal clear).

Intensive moisture, softness, silkiness, gloss and a fantastic fragrance

Ideal for dry or dull hair, but good for all types (except super-fine), color compatible.

Once a week (or as often as you like), following Creme de Coco Shampoo.

Once a week, after shampooing, smooth a generous amount into hair and relax for seven minutes or more. For especially thirsty cases, wrap in a warm towel (or sit in the sunshine). Rinse thoroughly.

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