Friday, June 25, 2010

pennies possibilities...

The Geneva Public Library District is currently celebrating our 116th year of service in this community. We are committed to serve each citizen by providing access to the universe of information which contributes to the intellectual, social, cultural and recreational growth of the individual. The Library offers a variety of materials and programming for all ages. Whether you are a parent of a young reader, a job seeker, a student or just going on vacation, the library has materials and services for you.
The Youth Services department provides a wealth of reading materials for young readers of all levels. In both the youth and adult departments, patrons can get expert advise on what to read from our dedicated staff. Adults seeking bestselling books and movies will find that the Library purchases multiple copies to meet demand. Audio Books on CD or download ables (in the adult and youth areas) are also available.
The Library offers high-speed Internet service and printing capability in black and white as well as color. We also subscribe to many electronic resources for students, job seekers or business owners. Access to these subscription databases and more are available to our cardholders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our website.
Our programming serves all ages, from early childhood to seniors. We have recently expanded our services to the business community and now offer all business owners in our service distribute the opportunity to have a library card. We also are available for reference by appointment where we can help you "Put your business on the Map" using Google and Yahoo, as well as find new customers.
More information is available on our website:
As a business owner in Geneva I received a library card from the Geneva Public Library. I am been so impressed by the professionalism of the library staff and their willingness to help me understand all of the vast resources they have available. I have been amazed by the their generosity and their smiles.... always ready and willing to answer any question or find the person who can help! If you have not been to the library lately, take a trip to experience the world of information right at your fingertips!
Peggy Bartlett, Business Manager
The Geneva Public Library will have an opportunity to be selected to receive the pennies we are collecting from Colour Line patrons along with the other recently highlighted non-profit organizations: DayOne Network and Mother's Club of Geneva. We will continue to highlight other local non-profits in the Geneva area through November, 2010. If you are involved in a non-profit organization and would like to participate in our pennies possibilities, please e-mail Peggy at Voting will take place in December at Colour Line Hair Studio.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photos of Team Colour Line

Team Colour Line.... a team of passionate, creative artists who enjoy creating beauty from the inside out with individualized looks to fit your life style... Experience the positive spirit of indescribable energy.... come giggle with us and treat yourself today to a new fun summer style!

Peggy: Owner & Business Manager
12 years
Amy: Owner, Educator & Stylist
17 years
Kris: Owner, Educator & Stylist
9 years
Joyce: Front Desk Supervisor
13 years

Kristyna: Front Desk Associate
4 years
Lana: Educator & Stylist
7 yearsErin: Bb Educator & Stylist
7 years
Allyson: Bb Educator & Stylist
7 years
Mindy: Stylist
5 years
Abbey: Bb Educator
4 years
Rachael: Stylist
3 years Niki: Stylist
3 years
Mackeinze: Stylist
3 years
Amber: Stylist
3 years
Prudence: 1 yearTeresa: Stylist
1 year

One key common element in Team Colour Line is our passion for hair.... and making a difference in the lives of many.... sharing the simple pleasures of life...

Bumble and bumble Network Educators

Allyson Abbey Erin

DO YOU HAVE A Bumble and bumble product question?

We have the experts!

Allyson, Abbey and Erin have attended the Network Educator's Program in New York City at Bumble and bumble University. This program is for stylists who are committed to becoming leaders within their salons and in the industry. At Colour Line we refer to them as our Bb Network Educators.

Hairdressers at the height of their careers are often left wondering: “What’s next?” Rather than burn out, as many do, teaching is a way to shine on. But teaching well doesn’t necessarily come naturally and is a skill in itself. Becoming a Bb.Network Educator allows key stylists to learn how to translate dedication, passion and expertise to other members of the salon team. Our Bb Network educators hold bi-monthly educational meetings within our salon as well as meet on a regular basis with our Regional Director on product trends. The team of Educators will also be enjoying the annual conference in Chicago on September 2, 2010 along with other Midwest educators.

So we say to you.... if you have a question, we have the experts! Feel free to e-mail your questions to One of our salon experts will e-mail you back!

Watch for product of the month selected personally by our Bb Network Educators... they will offer you the tips and cocktail (one or more Bb product combinations) blends you will enjoy!



Bumble and bumble is known for their styling, and Colour Line has been selected to participate in a hands-on class as an introduction to their approach - translating the work they do for fashion shows into looks that clients can wear. Bumble's Artist Samantha will demonstrate and educate our team on runway looks, while we learn how essential products are used to building them, and explore ways to teach the tools, trends and tips to our guests.
Tuesday, July 27
Models must be available 11:00a - 4:00p / Model Requirements
  • models must be 18 or older
  • models must come in with clean, dry hair
  • models must arrive with day makeup (models should bring makeup with them for touch-ups)
  • models must be responsible for their own wardrobe: think Saturday dinner date or wear dark skinny or straight jeans, plain white or black tank tops (no collar) and black heels or black flats (no sneakers)
Hair Requirements
  • fine to medium texture
  • between shoulder blade and mid-back length
  • healthy virgin hair or natural-looking hair color
  • hair that has natural wave
If you would like to participate please send model images (front, side, and back images) on or before July 13, 2010. Samantha will be seeking 2 models to participate in class demonstratons and they entire team of stylist at Colour Line are also seeking models. There are many opportunities to participate. Find a friend and have a girls day out!

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED and you can comply with requirments listed above, please e-mail Peggy at and submit model images (front, side and back images). The photos will be forwarded to Samantha for her selection process on July 12th. You will be notified after July 19th if you have been selected.
We appreciate your willingness to participate.... you too will learn!

Meet our Newest Colour Line Addition....

Brooklyn Elizabeth
June 8, 2010
7 lbs
20.5 inches long
Proud Parents: Rachael and Dave
Rachael is enjoying motherhood and is truly loving the experience of being a mom! The giggles, abundance of joy and fabulous fun memories await Rachael and Dave... enjoy the journey! Cherish the simple pleasure of life.... little Ms. Brooklyn!