Tuesday, February 2, 2010

American Heart Association - Live and Learn

February is the month Colour Line Hair Studio will be accepting donations for the American Heart Association. Come in and fill out a Heart and dedicate it to yourself, a loved one or someone you know that has been touched by cardiovascular disease. Donate and help advance this lifesaving mission, together, we can work to make heart disease a thing of the past. Purchase a Red Heart for $1.00 or a Platinum heart for a donation of $5.00 or more.

Let me begin by asking you…

Have you personally or someone close to you been touched by cardiovascular disease. Think about it… the answer probably is yes! Why…

- It is Our Nation’s #1 killer, Cardiovascular Disease
- Cardiovascular Disease is the #1 Killer of
- Women (age 25 and older) and Men
- Heart Defects are the #1 Cause of Birth Defects
- Stroke is the Country’s Leading Cause of Long Term Disability

The American Heart Association has contributed over $2.5 billion to cardiovascular research over the past several decades. It is this research funding that has led to many of the life-saving procedures performed by hospitals everyday! These breakthroughs include Angioplasty, Bypass Surgery, Pacemakers, Automated External Defibrillators, Heart Valve Replacement, Stroke Drug Therapy, and Medications for Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure Control. Eight of the Scientific Researchers that they have funded received Nobel Prizes for their contribution.

In addition, the American Heart Association’s educational programs are saving lives daily and helping people understand the importance of knowing their risk factors, signs, and symptoms of heart disease and stroke.

Thank you from the hearts of many.

With Sincere Appreciation,
Kelly Carta, Executive Chair, American Heart Association

If you would like more information please visit: www.americanheartassociation.com

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