Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Giggles... more childhood fun!

Each Colour Line Team member is so unique, special and wonderful in their own personality... we appreciate each of them and know our guest do as well.... we have had so much fun with our childhood photos.... hope you have enjoyed as much as we have.... giggle on!

Ms. Lana.... her haircolor was too normal than wouldn't you agree? She is always enjoying new looks when it comes to color.... purple, red, green you name it she's worn it and looks amazing no matter what the color! So tell us.... did your mom allow that when you were younger? FACEBOOK WINNER: Ophelia Hernandez

Ms. Abbey... okay let's be honest... how many of us had this "Dorthy Hamel" haircut? It made us look so innocent! Truth is the haircut did fit Abbey's personality! FACEBOOK WINNER: Deborah Coffey

Ms. Kristyna... the smile on the phone and as you arrive.... she is truly dedicated to offering the best customer service possible... FACEBOOK FAN WINNER: Carmen Cordogan

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