Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Facebook Photos Guessed ....

OOPS -- I forgot to continue Blog about our Facebook Fun... here are some of the Colour Line Team Members who have appeared on our Facebook... Is there anything better than the giggles that childhood photos provide.... "Oh my!" Giggle on....

Ms. Amy.... Educator and partial salon owner.... Amy has been in the business her entire life as she began learning from her Grandmother who was also an educator, stylist and salon owner.... I wonder if Amy thought she would follow in her Grandmother's footsteps.... ??? We are happy she did! FACEBOOK WINNER: Sheree Novotry

Ms. Kris.... Educator and partial salon owner... I wonder if she thought that was possible in 3rd grade? We are happy she's followed her heart.... FACEBOOK WINNER: Amy Fusco

Ms. Amber -- does that photo say genuine... her eyes say "sincere"... don't you think? or is there a hidden wild side? giggling.... FACEBOOK WINNER: Sally O'Malley

Ms. Allyson.... what a smile.... Its no wonder she likes to giggle as much as she does.... truly happy truly kindhearted! FACEBOOK WINNER: Laura D'Argento

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