Sunday, January 23, 2011

Redken Symposium 2011 - Inspiring the future!

Team Members from Colour Line Inspire Geneva's Future At The 2011 Redken Symposium
back row (left to right) Peggy, Amy, Erin and Kris
front row (left to right) Amber, Mackeinze, Allyson
Not Pictured: Prudence
Have you ever wished you could travel with Doc Brown and Marty McFly "back to the future" and see what's in-store? Will there be flying cars, time machines? Time will tell, but as far as the future of hair, Amy, Kris, Erin, Allyson, Mackeinze, Amber, Prudence and Peggy from Colour Line can fill you in! Each recently attended the 2011 Redken Symposium in Las Vegas, and has brought back the latest styling, haircolor techniques and inspiration!

"Redken Symposium is the industry's most inspiring, award-winning education event, attended by more than 8,000 stylists from around the world," says Christine Schuster, Senior Vice President of Education for Redken. "During Symposium, stylists learn the latest trends, and creative color, design and finishing techniques to advance their skills and inspire YOUR future!"

For three days, together with other salon professionals from all over the world, our team was inspired by world-renowned educators in the industry. Classes included Color & Elegance, where attendees learned to ready clients for their own red carpet event; 360 Finishing, where avant-garde styles were "undressed" so stylists can translate them for their clients; and Rut-Rebellion where stylists were encouraged to breakout of their rut and be inspired by new tools and techniques.

Guests interested in a new look, a color consultation, or the latest trends in hair can call Colour Line (630.208.8100) and schedule an appointment.

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