Sunday, January 23, 2011

Colour Line Promotions


Promoted to: Entry Stylist
Hours: Monday - Saturday
(days / times vary weekly)

Women's Haircuts $36
Men's Haircuts $27
Kids Haircuts $19
Teens Haircuts $26
Color (single)* $55
Foils* $69
Style $27 (wash/blow-dry)
Complimentary Consultations

THANK YOU Lana to your commitment to excellence! Lana has been a true inspiration to Levi and to his accomplishments!

*pricing varies based on techniques and amount of color selections in service. This price represents beginning pricing, single color (2oz).


Promoted to: Associate Stylist
Educator: Erin
Models Needed
If you are interested in being a model please send an email to: In your note please give your name, telephone number, description of hair (length, color) and what you are interested in being a model for: haircutting, coloring or styling. Elin will respond as models are required. THANK YOU for your patience and interest in participating!
Model pricing:
Haircuts $5.00
Color $20.00

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