Monday, May 10, 2010

Help for the Gulf Oil Spill!

(photo provided by Matter of Trust)


YOUR haircut's a life saver!

Your hair is recycled into mats that naturally collect oil spills from the oceans.


Colour Line will join with Matter of Trust ( in the relief efforts of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Matter of Trust is an ecological public 501 c 3 charity established in 1998. Salons across the US, Canada and beyond support their Hair Mat Oil Spill Program which was developed by Phil McCrory, a hair stylist from Alabama. He observed that the fur on Alaskan otters were completely soaked with oil while watching CNN coverage on the 1989 Exxon Valdez Oil spill. He began testing how much oil he could collect with hair clippings from his salon and then invented the hair mat, which has other uses, including fertilizer. Colour Line will begin sweeping up our hair clippings and forwarding to US manufacturers who weave them into mats that can soak up oil.
We also ask for your support by bringing in your washed, used (even with runs) nylon stockings. The stockings are used to make hair "booms" which are sausage shaped. Hair is stuffed into recycled nylons (with mesh to provide a strong exterior). These booms are tied together and used to encircle and contain oil spills to keep oil from spreading.
A special THANK YOU to Debi and Margaret (guests of Colour Line) for bringing this information to Colour Line. We are very appreciative and look forward to playing an important role in the Gulf Oil Relief Efforts.
Coming soon to Colour Line will be a sample hair mat and hair boom which will be placed on display. Thank you for your continued patronage. Its because of YOU that we can ALL help!

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