Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bumble and bumble. Wear and care (treatments for hair)

Bb Mending.
WHAT: Repairs, strengths and protect chemically damaged hair inside and out. Active ingredients: Vitamin B5 and Lipid Complex
WHY: Color, perming, straightening and other chemical processes damage hair externally and internally by opening hair cuticles and damaging hair's cortex, weakening protein bonds and sapping moisture. Hair becomes weakened and porous, feels stripped and dry, looks dull and is vulnerable to future damage.
WHO: The truly damaged (who regularly color, straighten or perm)
Bb. Quenching
WHAT: Replenishes, strengthens and protects chronically dry or mechanically damaged hair at the cuticle level. Active Ingredients Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E.
WHY: Chronic dryness, heat styling and brush strokes can cause hair cuticles to lift, allowing moisture to slip away. Hair is dry, frizzy, unmanageable, dull and prone to breakage and split ends.
WHO: The terribly thirsty (from chronic dryness or repeated heat styling and brush strokes)
*COMPLEX is applied before Prep or Tonic prior to to styling.
SPECIAL OFFER while supplies last. GIFT WITH PURCHASE. Buy Shampoo, Conditioner and Complex RECEIVE Masque complimentary. $36.00 Value.

To learn more about these products as well as the core Bumble and bumble product line contact Colour Line Hair Studio at 630-208-8100 and ask to speak with one of our Bumble and bumble Network Educators: Erin, Allyson or Abbey. They would be happy to answer any questions you may have or visit the Bumble and bumble website at

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